Preserves / June 22, 2017

Oregano Herb Preserve

So winter is here to stay … officially (yes, that sob you heard just came from me…). And on that note, what better way to go into the winter months than by stocking up your fridge and freezer with various preserves so you don’t have to go outside in the freezing cold!

Here’s an awesome way to preserve your herbs! You simply wash and dry your herb of choice (I had bought some fresh oregano at the farmer’s market the other day) and remove the leaves from the stems.


Then you place the leaves into ice cube trays and fill with olive oil. I got these nifty rubber trays at the dollar store (I find it much easier to remove the frozen cubes from them than the regular plastic trays).


Freeze over night and then remove and place into freezer bags for use whenever you need oregano.


I will be making pasta sauce this weekend with these oregano olive oil cubes so stay tuned and stay warm!


(No measurements requied because you should just go by the amount of herbs you have left to preserve. I was able to make 4 ice cube squares with my leftover oregano)

-Fresh oregano washed, dried, and leaves removed

-Olive oil to cover herbs in ice tray

Oregano Herb Preserve - This is the easiest and yummiest way to preserve herbs that works in most recipes! So good! <3 |