Dani's Stories / July 6, 2017

Let’s Get REALLLY Real About Birth Control and Medical Mysteries!

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Hey there and welcome back!

So this post is a little different from the usual because I’ve been feeling super off for a couple of days now.

Perhaps it’s the strange Montreal weather which goes from +38 degrees C to +20 degrees C with 13 degree nights or whether my period is supposed to come or even if its my allergies that are in full swing.


I’m thinking that it’s probably a combination of all of the above. The worst symptom I’ve been having was vertigo.

For those of you not familiar with vertigo it’s when you don’t move but everything around you is spinning. This is possibly the nastiest feeling imaginable. It’s up there with stomach flu for me. I’m not too sure why I keep getting it ( I’ve had it a total of 4 times in my life so far) and I’m going to see the ENT this month (FINALLY after months and months of waiting for an appointment …. thank you Canadian health care!)

Unfortunately, all these symptoms are on the day that I had to go see my obgyn to change out my IUD. I had it put in 3 years ago.

That was probably the most pain I had ever gone through.

It was torture on a whole other level and out of the 3 years that the IUD was good for I had pain and issues for 2 of them; yet, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to get another put in… YES, I know I’m an idiot and I pay for it…trust me! So feeling already like shit,

I go to the gyno and tell him that I want him to perform my yearly check up since I’m already there and that last time he put in the IUD it was a nightmare. He tells me not to worry and to concentrate on my breathing.

There was no breathing in the world that could make my body accept that stupid thing. The doc said my uterus physically rejected the IUD it was contracting so badly from the pain.

BOY the TORTURE!!! I would’ve given up all the information had I known what the doc was looking for!

The nausea I have been feeling the past couple of days from the vertigo was nothing compared to what I was feeling at that moment. HOLY FREAKING HELLLLLL

As my body was shaking and tears were streaming down my face completely out of my control, the only thing I could think was MOTHER FUCKING MEN!!!

You f****g assholes aren’t the ones who have to go through this and you don’t even have the fucking decency to be generous during sex! It’s all always about you…. isn’t it!?

Well Ha! Jokes on you cause this gal is now taking a vow of abstinence cause this shit fucking hurts and then when we do get pregnant we have to push your giant headed babies out of our teeny tiny lady bits!

So to all men out there! The least you can do is be GENEROUS during sex!

You all know what I mean! And to all my gals, if your guy isn’t giving you what you need SPELL IT OUT FOR HIM!

Give him a road map with DETAILED instructions. Trust me men are bozos 95% of the time but they usually follow directions pretty well 🙂

So all that to say, that yes, my day sucked and this horrible procedure has revirginized me! LoL

As for the vertigo, well my uterus hurts too much for me to be able to feel anything else. However, I have a feeling that it’s allergy related. We’ll see what the ENT says.

Gah! Another medical mystery to solve lol!

Now it’s your turn! Share your stories below! 🙂

xx Dani