Hi! My name is Daniela but Dani for short. And yes, that is me posing (almost) next to a dumpster LOL but I have such incredible memories from that day in Puerto Rico that it only seemed fitting to use that photo! 🙂

Lover of red wine in the cooler months, white in the warmer (as I live in the East coast the former lasts longer…sigh), avid traveller and HUGE foodie. Although funny enough, I enjoy cooking more than I actually enjoy eating… go figure right?! But everyone around me seems happy with the food delivery arrangement I seem to have with them after every time I cook.

Anyways, all this came to be when I took a cooking class MANY years ago while in BKK, Thailand. I fell in love with cooking. Then fell out of love with it when I lived at home in my university years and my mom decided I was going to be the primary cook. Then I fell back in love with it when I met my boyfriend. Trust me ladies when your mama tells you that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you should listen! Or at least that’s how our story went.

Things in my life took a bit of a turn when I got ‘sort of’ diagnosed with endometriosis. Yes, I say sort of because the doc wasn’t able to tell me what exactly was wrong without doing a laparoscopy which he said was too invasive. But apparently what wasn’t too invasive for him was giving me meds that gave me terrible side effects and suggesting temporary menopause. I was by no means comfortable with that type of treatment so I decided to try alternative methods. I was never a believer of the whole naturopath thing but figured that at this point it was worth a shot.

The girl I decided to go see turned out to be an angel from heaven. Not only was she possibly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met but the treatment she suggested worked. Along with the natural herbs I had to start taking, I had to change my diet 180 degrees. And that is how this blog came to be. After being on dozens of different forums and seeing so many people suffering from health issues, I figured if my changes helped me perhaps they can help others as well!

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and I hope my posts help as much as so many bloggers out there have helped me through all this!